Let me introduce to you my beautiful niece – Izabela – who brings loads of happiness to everyone and of course me. It’s enough to look at this picture and you’ll get a feel of how it is when you’re around her. She is the cutest! :)

Celebration of diversity

While visiting Amsterdam recently I came across this interesting and inspiring exhibition. Barbara Broekman’s exhibition titled “My Town: A celebration of diversity” looks at Amsterdam’s cultural diversity that distinguishes the capital’s population.

Nowadays difference between people are often reduced to a simple them and us. Broekman looked at a single outstanding characteristic detail from each country and combined it into one colourful carpet. The carpet is on show for six months in the Museum of Amsterdam, free for everyone to see and everyone to walk on.

I loved this exhibition! The artist shown how diverse the city is but at the same time, she made me realise how similar we all are.

Here are some photos from the exhibition.

_MG_6930 copy



Tea @ Harrods



My partner and I have recently visited Harrods for their well known Afternoon Tea. This was a lovely gift I received from my fantastic colleagues. It was a truly lovely afternoon, when a music was playing from a self playing piano and we were seated in a nicely Christmas themed room, eating our fluffy sandwiches, drinking delicious tea and eating freshly made cakes. We also walked round the store to see what’s on sale – the crowds were horrible and the prices not better (haha!) even after the sale. But if you are ever in London, Harrods is a must see.


cakes in harrods

Merry Christmas!

I’d like to wish everyone who celebrates Christmas to have a peaceful, happy and cheerful time! To all those who are celebrating this time as a holiday I wish you all to have a peaceful, happy and cheerful time as well. Have a wonderful time all before we’ll go back to our dalily routines! I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all to those of you who follow my blog, write comments and messages. Thanks to you this blog exists and I have a lot of fun creating it! Thank you once again! :)

Sunny day reflections

Sunny day reflections

Sunny day reflections

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

There are so many things, people, places, memories, laughs and experiences I am thankful for in my life that it is almost impossible to show in one, two… fifteen… thirty photos. This photo worked for me to show all these things, as big as the universe, I am thankful for:)

I feel honoured: Beautiful Blogger Award

During my relatively short blogging journey (3 months) I came across many fantastic blogs, and virually met a lot of inspiring artists from around the World. They are the people and their blogs whose journeys and work I decided to follow and in most cases learn, take the inspiration from, improve, discover and draw on their experience. Today I would like to thank to Sally W. Donatello, whom a followed to take the inspiration from and always admire her fantastic artwork. Sally followed my blog too and nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I am lost for words, as within this short journey my blog has received your recognition, and I am grateful! This award brings a huge inspiration and also a message, that what I currently do, I do it right! (I hope :) haha )

As part of the rules of the award, I am asked to write seven things about me.  So, here we go:

1. I love travelling and if I could, I would pack my rucksack (into my car) and start travelling now.

2. I love fashion, in a healthy way.

3. If I had pursued my real dream, I would be working in a studio or out there in the world taking photos for various magazines.

4. I would love to have my own garden, currently happy with a balcony.

5. Beautiful weather inspires me to push myself as hard as I possibly can, starting with the gym at 6.00 am

6. Driving F1 car is my dream.

7. I love baking cakes. yum!

My nominees (in no particular order):

1. Restlessjo

2. Lizzie Joy’s Photography

3. Frankfurtmalin

4. 2 Rivers Photos

5. GrishmanPhotography

6. East of Malaga

7. Northern Narratives

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

While going up the Krupowki avenue in the morning I’ve seen this man sitting in his chair, in this position and starting to paint this painting. At that time he had only had started to paint this painting… and till today I feel that I have missed that moment to take a photo of him at that time. On the way back, after a day up in the mountains and walking down Krupowki I’ve seen him again, same chair, same place, same painting. I took this photograph of him and the painting, at the same time trying to not to distract him from his work. It shows how big his talent is, all the paintings on the wall are his too. Next time I’m there, I will definitely purchase one and maybe, who knows, I will see him again in the same spot, chair and painting another painting…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I took this photo in Devon in March. As you can see, the reflection of sunshine on this clean and shiny car makes you think there is a person in it. I can assure you, there was no-one there. What are your thoughts?

P.S. To the owner of the car. If you are seeing this photo and are unhappy with it being published, please contact me to remove it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near & Far

I took this photograph of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London. The day was beautiful until 1300pm when it started to rain, as it was forecasted, and a lot of people thought that is it for seeing the RAF flypast. Thankfully no weather can frighten any planes, and Her Majesty with the family on the Buckingham Palace balcony and the huge crowd gathered at the Mall and around the Buckingham Palace, were able to admire these and the Red Arrows that flew past minutes after.

Coming back to this week’s challenge, near and far.  In the first place we can see British flag and in the second the RAF planes. This photo worked for me for many reasons this week. One of these could be, the fantastic performance of British Paralympic Team, the fighting spirit of those competing and also the fantastic support of fans from around the World. Olympics and Paralympics lifted so many spirits and inspired so many people, including me. So before tomorrow’s Closing Ceremony I’d like to say: Thank you London for organising such a great celebration of humanity united in peace of sport.