Weekly Photo Challenge: Near & Far

I took this photograph of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London. The day was beautiful until 1300pm when it started to rain, as it was forecasted, and a lot of people thought that is it for seeing the RAF flypast. Thankfully no weather can frighten any planes, and Her Majesty with the family on the Buckingham Palace balcony and the huge crowd gathered at the Mall and around the Buckingham Palace, were able to admire these and the Red Arrows that flew past minutes after.

Coming back to this week’s challenge, near and far.  In the first place we can see British flag and in the second the RAF planes. This photo worked for me for many reasons this week. One of these could be, the fantastic performance of British Paralympic Team, the fighting spirit of those competing and also the fantastic support of fans from around the World. Olympics and Paralympics lifted so many spirits and inspired so many people, including me. So before tomorrow’s Closing Ceremony I’d like to say: Thank you London for organising such a great celebration of humanity united in peace of sport.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near & Far

  1. Fantastic shot… it invokes so many feelings… as a lover of WW11 aircraft and what the RAF did for the free world I’m taken!! Great…

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