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My own cup of coffee

I recently read an article about an Australian property entrepreneur who shared his story how he became a millionaire by working long hours and saving money. He criticized young people saying that these days they would rather spend money on a takeaway coffee and a sandwich, and then complain that they are unable to get onto a property ladder. While I may disagree with him slightly on this – it’s not young people’s fault that properties prices rise very fast these days, while incomes do not – but he does have a point.

A takeaway coffee costs anything between £2.20 – £3.20 in a coffee shop. A sandwich may cost around the same or even more depending on where you buy it. Even if you get a meal deal at a supermarket – that’s £3. Yes, it’s not a lot when you think it’s only £3 today – BUT, think twice £3 x 20 (working days) = £60, and that’s only for a meal deal. If you add your daily cup of coffee into the mix, and that’s only one cup of coffee (where, I assume, people on average have two a day), that’s another (approx) £50! So, you’re already spending £110 of your monthly budget on a sandwich and a coffee. That’s £780 in a year!! That’s A LOT of money, considering you have breakfast, dinner and snacks in between to think about too, perhaps also wine or beer on a weekend etc…

Here is what I do. I prepare a sandwich (usually one for breakfast) during the evening meal. I put it into the fridge and voila! It’s waiting for me in the morning:) I also do batch cooking. I am not a person who likes to spend too much time in the kitchen, despite the fact that I like to eat healthy food. Anyhow, these days when I don’t have enough time to cook on a daily basis, as I’d rather spend time with my baby or resting while she’s having her naps, I do batch cooking. I cook anything from curries to goulash, add rice, buckwheat or similar, and divide the food into plastic boxes – ready to be put into the freezer. Then, I’ve got home made food ready anytime I want to eat it. 10 mins in a microwave and the food is ready. That doesn’t mean that I will not have an odd sandwich or takeaway coffee here and there. Of course I will, but everything within reason, and certainly not on a daily basis!

On a topic of coffee, I really like Starbucks. I do, A LOT. The one I like the most though, is brewed in my simple coffee machine at home. You can get a packet of Starbucks coffee from your local supermarket for £3.50 (the usual price), I always buy more packets when there is a deal. I will drink it anyway, so I might as well buy 5 packs (or more) when on a deal and get a saving of approx £5+. It may not seem a lot, but put it all together with other savings you make elsewhere, and it can build into a fair amount of money! What’s pretty cool about Starbucks coffee packet though, is that once you finish it, you can exchange an empty packet for a tall latte at Starbucks coffee shop. Good idea, isn’t it? Not only you get a good coffee at home, you get a free cup of coffee when out and about.

If you are a commuter though, you may think, this does not apply to you, as you may like to have your coffee on a train or in the car for example. Well, in that case, I’d suggest getting yourself a reusable travel cup – you can make your delicious coffee at home, have it on a train or in the car, be good to the environment and know that you are saving your hard earned ££ for something you really want and will be able to buy it with your saved cash.